Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Vacuum-Packed Mattress?

• Unpack the mattress in your room of choice and roll out to its full size.

• Place the mattress on your chosen bed frame

• Give your mattress the required time to breathe and expand into Its full original shape.

How long will my mattress take to expand?

This does all depend on the size and the chosen fillings however all our mattresses will be in their original shape within 48hours, some are much quicker (Please see the individual products)

What are the benefits of a vacuum-packed mattress?

• Environmentally friendly – As our mattresses are packaged in small boxes our delivery teams can carry more in one trip, resulting in less fuel consumption and a lower carbon footprint.

• Storage – Our mattresses can be stored indefinitely before they are opened, they will also only take up a small amount of storage space in your home.

• Transport – Our mattresses are easy to transport once delivered, either within the home or to another destination.

• Hygienic – Our mattresses are all stored in air tight packaging – therefore avoiding any build up of condensation or stale air. Once opened our mattresses will be as clean and fresh as the day they were sealed. They have also not been handled by anyone else prior to opening.

What Guarantee does my mattress have?

Our mattresses have a minimum guarantee of 3 years however some of our products have a 10-year guarantee (Please see the individual products)

What is the delivery time on mattresses?

All our mattresses are available on an express courier and delivered within 48 hours, there is also the option to choose a different delivery date that suits you.

What is the delivery charge?

All our mattresses are delivered free of charge.

Why does my mattress have a slight smell to it?

Vacuum packed mattresses may have a slight smell when unpacked due to 2 potential reasons

1. We use a fire-retardant substance on all our mattresses, this is a requirement to meet standard regulations and also to make our mattresses safe for retailing.

2. The memory foam fillings can give off a synthetic smell

These will not last long once the products have been removed from their packaging, if necessary open windows and doors to aid ventilation.

What if my mattress doesn’t seem to be expanding as quick?

There shouldn’t be a problem with any of our mattresses expanding however if you think it is taking too long give the mattress a quick shake and leave.

What sizes do the mattresses come in?

Our mattresses come in single, small double, double and king size, super king products will follow shortly.

Does my mattress need turning?

We recommend turning all our mattresses occasionally apart from those with memory foam which are non-turn.

Will Vacuum Packaging damage the mattress?

Vacuum Packing our mattresses will have no effect on any of our mattresses, the very latest technology is used on packaging and processing these. The results can clearly be seen when our high-quality mattresses are removed from their boxes.